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Thursday, 30 September 2010 14:47

What's Under Development in our Secret Lab?


Here at El Lago we are always looking for something new to produce. It can't be just new we want it to have a healthy aspect to the customer. We are working on a gluten free multigrain tortilla. This isn't a just a corn tortilla but a tortilla that rolls like a flour tortilla and cooks up real nice. Likewise we are in the process of coming out with a low glycemic tortilla. This tortilla has been tested and proved to not spike blood sugar. The test subjects were very please with the performance of this tortilla.

Both of these tortillas should be in markets early next year.


We have produced a multigrain chip that has great earthy tones and crumbles in your mouth with great taste. These have been offered to private labels but should be available in 2011. Other flavors are in the works for private labels and may migrate into our mainstream products. These include a cheese-flavored chip to match an un-named competitor. Other flavors are in the works. All I can tell you is that it will make your mouth water with anticipation. I have tried them and they are GOOOOOOD!

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Our Commitment

El Lago's commitment is to our environment, customers and their customers. At El Lago we know that if we don't take care of our world it won't be here for our children. Our customers need deliveries. Using the most efficient delivery systems we reduce our carbon footprint. Recycling what we can keeps our waste down. Using healthy ingredients provides a healthy choice for our consumer. All this makes our commitment a reality.