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 Our dear customers! 


We are excited to announce that El Lago is now on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ellagofoods)  and on Twitter @ellagofoods.   Now,  you will be able to know the latest news and follow us on our cool adventures. Best of all, we will also be able to hear from you, our customers! 


Thank you so much for all of your support and we hope to hear from you soon! 


We always respond to our community request for donations on our products.  There is a lot going on like School Carnivals, races, and many other gatherings where they need some extra tortillas or chips!

We appreciate that people remembers our product for its quality and fresheness.


Thank you we love Austin!!!!


El Lago holds Austin near and dear.  We support the community with donations of chips and tortillas.  We send our scrap to farms for feed.  Our waste water initiative has cut our waste water so that we save over 10,000 gallons of fresh water a month.

If you ever drive down 5th street and see the back of our building you will see another way we support Austin.  The back of our building is a pallet for local artist.  We have had artist ask permission to paint on our building and we have said yes.  The rules are simple; ask permission, submit ideas, no hate or violent messages.   Artists need to respect the previous art on the wall.  Currently our wall are full.

Now when you take the metro rail check out the El Lago side of the tracks and see the art.  There is so much there that you will see something different every time.

El Lago Keeping Austin Local!


Have you ever wondered where your El Lago chips and tortillas come from?  Most people don’t put a lot of thought in where their food comes from.

At El Lago we have our own corn and flour silos.  These are visible in the upper left hand corner of the picture.  We get Texas non GMO corn and flour delivered from local growers.

All our corn is delivered whole kernel.  We soak it and grind it for our tortillas and chips.  The flour is piped to the right side of the building to keep it separate from the corn.

The far right side that has the lighter roof is our warehouse.  All items that do not need refrigeration are stored here.  We have freezers and refrigerators in parts of the factory for items that require that.

Al this is just a stone’s throw away from downtown Austin.

Do you know where your other food is coming from?  Ask them to post it on the web….


On May 5th 2012 The Spoetzl brewery hosted the Shiner GASP (Great Austin to Shiner Pedal).  This is a charity event for the United Way.  Cyclists departed from Austin and rode 100 miles through small towns and scenic byways on the way to the historic Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas.  After the 100 mile ride the riders and the guests were entertained at the brewery and El Lago was there with Jaime’s Salsa.

Jaime’s had set up a booth and gave away chips and samples of their salsa.  The event was great according to Aurora Tames, Chef and Co-owner of Jamie’s Foods, jamiessalsas.com.  “El Lago was happy to contribute to such an event” said Elizabeth Gunz of El Lago.

El Lago and Jaime’s Salsa a great combination


El Lago participated in the National Instruments Go Local Fair.  We showcased our Tortillas and Chips handing out 5lbs of chips to over 400 National Instruments employees.  Companies from all over Austin were a the fair handing out samples and selling their wares.  El Lago donated a gift basket of chips and tortillas which was won by one of the employees.  Some lucky visitors walked away with a package of tortillas.  All were given chips.

El Lago was paired right next to Winston’s Hot Pepper Sauce.  This was perfect.  Everyone that tried their sauce used our chips.  A match made in heaven.

Some of the attendees were excited to see our Probiotic and Gluten free tortillas.  Some said they were going to the HEB Grocery Managers to ask for the gluten free tortillas.  In Austin if you don’t see an El Lago product in your store, all you have to do is ask the Grocery Manager and he will get in touch with us.  We should have it there by the end of the week.

We love doing these events so that we can get the El Lago name out there where people see it.  If your company is promoting local companies at a fair let us know and we will see if we can participate.


HEB has done a reset on the bread aisle.  This has impacted the tortillas section. There are new displays for the healthier tortilla options.  These resets were from January 10th to February 10th and should now be complete.

18 months ago El Lago introduced the first probiotic tortilla to the Texas market.  The tortillas immediately got noticed in Edible Austin and The Austin American Statesman.  Made with canola oil instead of vegetable shorting and containing probiotics, these tortillas are a healthier choice.  These tortilla are in the new healthy for you sections.

We still have available The El Lago tortillas you grew up with on the shelf at HEBs.  Look for the red and blue labels.  If you are having trouble finding us either ask the Grocery Manager at the store or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Corn Table Tortillas You Love!


Over the last few years you have seen changes to the family pack.  From the old yellow, red, and green logo to the green and white probiotic bag, the packaging has changed but the product was good.


Now we are packaging the family pack of corn tortillas in new bag.  As you see it has our updated logo in red, white, and blue.  It also sports the Kosher KSA logo.  The product is still the same quality corn tortilla you are familiar with having on your table.


Gluten free and all natural corn tortillas made with love and care right here in Austin, Texas.  We are proud to be an active member in the central Texas community.

January 7th 2012 ~ El Lago has done it!

For the last year we have been working on reducing our waste water.  Every food manufacturer has some form of waste water.  This water is treated by the local water district to ensure that whatever water makes it back to the water table won’t contaminate it.

When making tortillas, water is mixed with corn to steep.  This process makes a starch and fiber filled water that we had to drain into the sewer system adding to the rest of the water that the city of Austin had to filter and treat.  The city processed the water and the waist was most likely sent to a land fill.

Now we have a waste water system that cleans and filters our used water every day.  The result is clean water that can be reused to steep the corn and a dried cake like product that is used as feed for cattle.  The whole process keeps excessive manufacturing waste from going into landfills.

The city of Austin has certified that we are saving 3,600 gallons of water per day of manufacturing.  This equates to 75,000 gallons of water a month!  In other words we save enough water to fill 5 swimming pools.

At El Lago we strive every day to protect the environment.  This project was a year in the making and we are happy that we had the means to achieve it.


El Lago has Red & Green chips at most HEBs throughout Texas! These chips are made the same way all of our chips are made with the exception of added color for the holidays. These chips will add a festive ambiance to any occasion.

The Bag is easy to spot. It is white with snowflakes on it. If you turn the bag over you will see the colors pop out at you. Most HEBs will have a display. If you use these chips in a festive way send me your pictures at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so we can post them and give you credit.

Happy Holidays from El Lago!


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Our Commitment

El Lago's commitment is to our environment, customers and their customers. At El Lago we know that if we don't take care of our world it won't be here for our children. Our customers need deliveries. Using the most efficient delivery systems we reduce our carbon footprint. Recycling what we can keeps our waste down. Using healthy ingredients provides a healthy choice for our consumer. All this makes our commitment a reality.